College Admission Testimonials

    From Students


  • Student L. L was accepted Early Action to Harvard, Class of 2020.


Date: Dec 10, 2015

Hey Dr. Jiang,

I’m so excited to say that I got in Harvard!! Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in be in the process.          Student L. L



  • Student E. S  was accepted Early Action to Harvard, Class of 2020.

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 2:18 PM, Student E. S wrote:Harvard Admitted Letter_Student E S

Dear Dr. Jiang,

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Yesterday, I cried for a solid two hours just because I felt so uncertain. I couldn’t put my finger on why I was so upset since decisions had probably already been made by then, but I just was. But after talking to my parents, they made me realize that there is NOTHING I would have changed about the process and nothing more I could’ve done, and today I felt much better knowing that I really was supported by people who saw my worth even before anything came out.

I will keep you updated on the rest of the decisions!!

Student E. S

    From Parents

  • Student I. Z  was accepted Early Action to Yale, Class of 2020.

Yale-Class-2020Dec. 15 2016

Hi Dear professor Jiang,

Just want to share a good news with you I. Z (Student I. Z )  just got an early action from YALE Thanks a lot for all the help.



  • Student E Zhang  was accepted Early Decision to Stanford, Class of 2020.

StanfordDec.12, 2015

From: WH Zhang

Date: Sat, Dec 12, 2015 at 12:32 PM

Subject: RE: 申请请教 To: dr.ivyadvisor@gmail.com

江教授,给您报喜,Eric EA(ED  提前决定) 被Stanford录取了。特此万分感谢您的指导帮助!

Student E Zhang’ s Parents: L & WH


SAT Class Testimonials

Dr. William Jiang guided his son to Harvard University and his daughter to Cornell University.

Students’ Comments From SAT Class:

“I never imagined my SAT scores could increase that much!” (A Gunn High student)

“Dr. Jiang is very knowledgeable in English and SAT’s and he is able to make a very boring subject enjoyable and interesting.” (A Gunn High Student)

“I would recommend this class to other students because this is one of the most educational and fun class on SAT.” (A Mission San Jose High Student)

“Informative and extremely engaging!”(A Los Gatos High Student)

“Yes, I would recommend this class to other students, but because of my nature I don’t want my peers to have the same advantage that I have.” (A Palo Alto High Student)

“Yes, I would recommend this class to other students and friends, because I learned a lot from this class!”(A Monta Vista High Student)

“This class not only contributes to the strengthening of one’s vocabulary, but also pinpoints useful SAT strategies.” (A Cupertino High Student)

“The SAT was thoroughly analyzed by Dr. Jiang so that each type of question and how to confront it were discussed.” (A Washington High Student)

“An instructor who has really familiarized himself with SAT!” (A Lynbrook High Student)

“Dr. Jiang’s SAT Handbook alone is worth the tuition!” (A Harker Student)

“Dr. Jiang’s SAT class was extremely engaging!” (A Harker Student)

“Dr. Jiang’s knowledge of the English is extremely comprehensive, and he also knows the format and scoring of the SAT and what needs to be done to get a good score.” (A Mission San Jose High Student)

“Very clear and detailed classes. Workload was sometimes overwhelming but proved extremely effective. Some methods (especially in essay writing) were very different from the methods I was taught in other SAT prep classes… Yes, it’s a very helpful and friendly class to be in.” (A Homestead High Student)

“This class was not only about the SAT. I also learned a great deal of knowledge not related directly with the test.” (A Monta Vista High Student)

“It is a very helpful course. It approaches the SAT in the most effective way possible. It is concise, active, and direct (haha!). I learned more in four sessions than I have at the xxxxx for the entire summer!” (A Dougherty Valley High Student)


“The class was informative and helpful. I learned a lot.” (A California High Student)