SAT Classes

Very clear and detailed classes. Workload was sometimes overwhelming but proved extremely effective. Some methods (especially in essay writing) were very different from the methods I was taught in other SAT prep classes… Yes, it’s a very helpful and friendly class to be in.

A Homestead High Student

The SAT was thoroughly analyzed by Dr. Jiang so that each type of question and how to confront it were discussed.

A Washington High Student

This class not only contributes to the strengthening of one’s vocabulary, but also pinpoints useful SAT strategies.

A Cupertino High Student

It is a very helpful course. It approaches the SAT in the most effective way possible. It is concise, active, and direct (haha!). I learned more in four sessions than I have at the xxxxx for the entire summer!

A Dougherty Valley High Student

Dr. Jiang’s SAT class was extremely engaging!

A Harker Student

An instructor who has really familiarized himself with SAT!

A Lynbrook High Student