Testimonials from Creative Writing Students

Throughout the semester, I have learned many new things and grew a lot as a writer. Before this class, I looked at writing as more of a chore. But as the class progressed, I started to enjoy writing much more. The process of writing became more relaxing and fun. All in all, I think this class has really fostered my love for writing and made me a much better writer. –L C

I was surprised at how persistent I could become while writing a story. Before this class, I had a lot of ideas, but didn’t usually write them into full stories. My favorite part of class was being able to share pieces and hear my peers’ feedback. –Y L

I don’t know what I was expecting going into this class, but I do know that I got a lot out of it. For one, I don’t absolutely hate reading poetry anymore, and writing poetry isn’t all that bad actually. I also realized that writing a short story or even a novel doesn’t take as much time as I originally thought. All you need is ten or so minutes every day for a lot to happen! I especially liked Mrs. Woodburn’s feedback on my work, which not only commented on the good parts but also indicated places where I could improve. –J W

Over this last semester, I feel that I have definitely grown as a writer. The tools in my writing toolbox have widely expanded, and in general, I can now find suitable words quickly. Some improvements I can clearly see within myself are my faster writing speed and my diminishing tendency to procrastinate. This might be due to the fact that I enjoy writing much more now. My favorite part of this class has been reading good works and craft essays written by other writers and dissecting the authors’ intentions. –J X 

This class has taught me how to structure and revise my pieces so they are fun to read. We have explored poetry, flash fiction, and personal reflection genres, and with these I have entered a new world. I have definitely surprised myself with my interest in poetry, which I used to dislike, and my adaptability to writing short pieces instead of my usual lengthy chapters. I would have to say that my only regret for this class would be that it has to end! –K C


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