College Applications


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High School Senior (College Applications)

  • Final dash to building up overall record for Ivies and top colleges
  • The Ivy-comprehensive admission campaign: 10 steps
  • Design and help in deciding the choice of classes and curriculum if still applicable
  • Intensive preparation and guidance for SAT Reasoning, aiming for 2350-2400!
  • Taking stock of the existing SAT II accumulation and planning for more SAT II exams
  • Tracking student profile and revising the student survey
  • Detailed SWOT analysis of the student record and analysis of college and majors
  • Advice on college selections  per student record and interest
  • Advice on college visits and meeting questions and answers
  • Creating college contacting and tracking spreadsheets
  • Avoid being a stealth applicant and guidance on warming up with your dream colleges
  • Immediate communications with the selected top colleges
  • Detailed research of college admissions criteria and analysis of likelihood of admissions
  • Guidance on creating a winning brag-sheet or resume for best presentations
  • Brain-storming college admission essays/personal statements
  • Maintaining and developing good relationships with high school and subject teachers
  • Advice and guidance on obtaining the best teacher recommendations
  • Unlimited reiteration of reading/editing/revising/proofing all college admission essays
  • Checking on all college application forms
  • Managing and tracking all application timelines and deadlines
  • Preparing students for college interviews
  • Following up with colleges for all applications’ accuracy and completeness
  • Advising on responses to admission deferrals/wait-listings and final college choices
  • Allowing students to have all the time for their continuing senior year student

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