College Admission Testimonials

College Admission Testimonials

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  • A Letter of Gratitude From a Columbia ED Student’s Parent (Class of 2023)

捷报:昨天在倒计时的屏息心跳等待中,迎来了全家的最大喜讯,女儿梦想成真—-被一所著名的常春藤大学提前录取(基于隐私不易点名)!父母喜极而泣!不敢相信!现在仍处在消化接受之中!兴奋之中,不能忘记感谢我们这次申请中至关重要的人—-江教授!这里我们全家人真的要给江教授一个大大的赞!曾几何时我们都坐在家长席上听江教授的讲座,进入常春藤如何如何的难,从九年级开始,难以置信,今天我们真的成为这里的幸运者!进入常春藤名校确是是team work ,孩子,老师,家长,升学辅导,哪个部分缺之,都不能完成这个拼图!女儿从9年级就开始在江教授这里上课,爸爸在这里从未错过任何一个讲座,以及听中文电台对江教授的专访,尤其最后的升学辅导,当每次陪着女儿与教授约谈时,从选校的策略,填写申请表的智慧,选题的精准,字字句句的较对,文章的结构内容,语言的内涵风趣深度流畅…,这要没有一个文学功底造诣深厚的专家指点,我的经验是,不可能将女儿的申请最完美化的。大学申请,我的感受是,基本上是写作的能力检验。无数次的旁听,心中对江教授的敬意油然而生,没有他的匠心独具,字句的推敲,文章的修改,⋯指点迷津,我们是不可能有如此佳绩,一发即中的!I have to say that was a great experience working with Dr. Jiang and it released our tremendous stress. 尽管上星期见江教授的时候,他说不用太担心,应该能进去的,当时我对他此话仅仅当作是安慰我们,真的不敢相信,还真让他说中!还要再感谢的是他的工作人员,和蔼可亲,竭力帮忙,非常热情,…不一而足。总之,女儿能如愿以偿,父母如释重负,我们这三年来,全家奋战,终于能松口气啦!向江教授致以真挚的谢意! 祝您和您的工作人员圣诞快乐!

  • A Letter of Gratitude From a NYU Stern ED Student’s Parent (Class of 2023)

Dear Dr. Jiang,

We are excited that Frank has got into NYU Stern, one of the best for Finance major!

At the same time, we are deeply grateful for your excellent guidance and education over the past few years. We are so lucky to be your student. Being your student turns out to be so unique and rewarding: you have essentially helped to open up endless opportunities ahead for Frank. Your kindest recommendation, coaching, enlightening, professionalism, patience, and a lot more, are greatly appreciated!

During our so many meetings, we witnessed how much enlightening you have empowered Frank, which in turn has led him to such a height and dimension each single time. As a parent, I have learned from you tremendously.

Thank you, Dr. Jiang. Much, much appreciated !!!

  • Congratulations to Jenny Xin on her acceptance to Princeton!

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  • Congratulations to Teeger on his acceptance to Yale!








  • Student L. L was accepted Early Action to Harvard, Class of 2020.

Date: Dec 10, 2015

Hey Dr. Jiang,

I’m so excited to say that I got in Harvard!! Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in be in the process.          

Student L. L

  • Student E. S  was accepted Early Action to Harvard, Class of 2020.

Date: Dec 10, 2015

Dear Dr. Jiang,

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Yesterday, I cried for a solid two hours just because I felt so uncertain. I couldn’t put my finger on why I was so upset since decisions had probably already been made by then, but I just was. But after talking to my parents, they made me realize that there is NOTHING I would have changed about the process and nothing more I could’ve done, and today I felt much better knowing that I really was supported by people who saw my worth even before anything came out.

I will keep you updated on the rest of the decisions!!

Student E. S


  • Student I. Z  was accepted Early Action to Yale, Class of 2020.

Date: Dec. 15 2016

Hi Dear professor Jiang,

Just want to share a good news with you I. Z (Student I. Z )  just got an early action from YALE Thanks a lot for all the help.


Student I. Z ‘s Mom